Late nights

Late nights are the norm for me at this time. No reason to get up early, and no motivation. The 10pm bedtimes of the school days are long gone and now my days are finishing in the morning; and my days starting in the afternoons. I always tell myself to change… “Ryan you must get up at 9am for a workout” – doesn’t happen; “Ryan you must go to bed earlier to achieve the 9am get up” – doesn’t work either. I can’t help myself but enjoy the addictions of playing games and browsing the Internet to the ridiculous hours. A teenage thing? I think so, but for my self esteem to improve, and my general well being to improve too, it has to be a thing of the past.


My attitudes to life

Anyone in the young adults range taking a gap year?  I’m one of them; I’m not travelling and instead I AM WORKING. It very sucks. 39 hours a week; in a supermarket; in a small village in the UK, is not where I want to be. I aspire to become successful; appreciate my life compared to now; and settle. But it just isn’t the case yet. It’s everyone’s dream isn’t it? Or just me? September needs to hurry for the next chapter in my life; moving away from home and discovering who I really am, and what I really want out of life.

Receiving that first pay packet in my first career will be the happiest day of my life. No, I am not money obsessed; but the thought of moving out, finding a nice place with my long term girlfriend and starting a family will make me jump with sheer joy.

Enough of me getting this slightly off my chest, is it just me in this or does it happen to everybody?