Is the physicality of everyday money about to disappear forever?

Having stumbled across numerous articles about the end of cash last week, I can see that there is an ever so growing curiosity about the point of having cash in your pocket. The unattractive, physicality of money that has been around for thousands of years could now be replaced by none other than cash cards.

Yes, the seemingly easy process of literally taping your card for that cup of coffee rather than tearing through your pockets for the correct change is a hassle-free process, and one of delight; my main concerns however is whether the disappearing physicality of cash could affect our opinions on cash itself. Many people may feel uncomfortable about using technology as a source of their money, others may feel that their money could feel ‘worthless’ and not as appreciated as it is with physical cash. Not to also mention that if cash was to disappear, would we find it hard to keep track of our spending on nights out? How can you trust that every merchant is genuine and not a card cloner? Its only a matter of time before this idea will see the end for cash, but are you really ready for it?


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