Top 10 Tips for University

Here are my 10 tips to making your University experience fun and useful:

1. Do your work when you get it – There are times where I’ve heard the same stories from people leaving their work til their 11.59pm deadline. My advice to you is to start work on it as soon as you are set it. If you don’t, your work will pile up over time and you will enter panic mode when you have 4 assignments to write in one week!

2. Budgeting – Always remember that when living on your own, it is vital you budget your money. There have been times where I admit I have spiralled out of control with my money but you can easily learn from this mistake over time. You can get a free overdraft with many student accounts which you can use as buffer just in case.

3. Referencing using the Refme app – Time and time again you will use some sort of referencing in your assignments whether its Harvard or Oxford or even worse. This unbelievable app is a free tool that will allow you to record all your sources into a nice, tight nit format that will be ready for your essay! It is definitely worth a download!

4. Free stuff in McDonalds – Yes that’s right, free stuff! Buy any meal in McDonalds and you have the choice of getting an extra burger, fries or even a McFlurry absolutely free by simply showing your Student ID! Wicked, right?

5. Don’t buy every book on your reading list – Upon seeing your massive list of books, you wonder “how will I pay for all these?”. Well, the answer to that question is you don’t necessarily need all the reading list. The reading list is just a list of sources that will benefit your type of course and most the time you may only refer to that book once. The solution to the problem is take the books you need out the library… it’ll save you a tonne of money!

6. Have second thoughts about going out the night before a 9am lecture – This has certainly happened to me. You will always say on the night out that “oh, I better go soon because I have a lecture”, but in the end, if you get in a drunken state, you will not make it in the morning. This can prove fatal to your learning at uni too!

7. Keep a jumper and tracksuit bottoms at the bottom of your bed in an event of a 2am fire alarm – You will certainly without fail encounter a fire alarm when staying in halls of residence, so by leaving these items on standby, you can easily grab them on and get out the door in 30 seconds.

8. Never go shopping when you’re hungry – We have always been tempted to get a takeaway of some sort as a quick solution to hunger, but it can certainly cost a fortune. The solution to this problem is refrain; grab a slice of toast and add to it to make it filling. Also, by freezing your bread, it will last a lot longer than the usual 4-5 day life span, so bear that in mind.

9. Drink tap water instead of fizzy – Swap that nice bottle of pop for a more healthy, clean and intelligent alternative; water. Water is the perfect alternative because it is free; by drinking it all the time in lectures, at the halls and at meals, it will save you an absolute fortune. Water is also very good for stimulating your brain too so bear that in mind when studying for your dream first class degree.

10. Always appreciate the people you live with – Moving in to the halls of residence can be a daunting experience to some, but as you will be meeting your flatmates from all different backgrounds, you should accept them all the time and refrain from arguing. When someone has a point of view that you don’t agree with, you should refrain from bickering because it will, if it escalates, make it awkward for you.


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